Why be an Erth Ambassador?

Get Paid for Helping your Community, your Planet, your local Businesses and your local People.

Many of our local community organisations are struggling to stay afloat. It may be your local Footy Club, Church, Charity (ECOs) or even a School that needs support.

Your work with Local Businesses and the  Erth Point System enables ECOs to create a perpetual income stream which empowers a strong and vibrant community.

What organisations can benefit by becoming a ECO?

Saving The Planet.

There is no argument that mankind is destroying forests, putting plastic into the oceans, causing pollution and the extinction of our flora and fauna. The only argument is who will pay to fix it?

The Erth  loyalty marketing system enables a small part of every purchase from every business to go towards helping to SAVE the PLANET. Businesses already spend trillions on attracting and retaining customers, with Erth they get the customer and help to SAVE the PLANET.

How do we help Planet Earth?

Helping Businesses?

Nobody wants a drill, they want a hole, globally Businesses spend trillions on marketing and advertising they don’t want, because they want sales.

Ambassadors using the  Erth  Point loyalty marketing system deliver customers to businesses on a PAY-per-SALE basis taking the risk out of marketing, so businesses are happy to fund environmental and community projects to satisfy their ESG obligations!

This is the economically viable worldwide movement delivering customers to businesses to help SAVE the PLANET, that also delivers residual income to Erth Ambassadors. Please help as an  Erth  Ambassador, so YOU can make a difference in the world.

Profiting from Helping!

Contributing and Helping – is something that makes us feel good! Now you can help Businesses, Customers, Charities, Churches, Clubs, their Supporters and the PLANET – and profit from it as an Erth Ambassador.

A lot of organisations want to save the World but they lack the most important element, an economically viable system, needed to fund the billions needed to make a difference. Good intentions are not enough, Erth is the system to fund it all.

The  Erth  Point System enables a small part of every purchase from every business to be put toward saving the planet. to make a difference we need money and lots of it. Although every person and every business wants to fix our environmental problems, no person, no business, no organisation and not even any government wants to pay for it,  Erth will if everyone uses it.

The  Erth System gives Businesses an economic reason to help save the Planet and support ECOs because they profit from it.

Customers also benefit by earning what we think are the world’s best global loyalty reward points, which can not only go down but also go up in value to benefit the customer.

Erth  Ambassadors earn an ongoing passive income from helping Businesses, ECOs, Customers and the PLANET.