Why be an Erth Ambassador?

Is Your Local Community Important To You?

Many of our local community organisations are struggling to stay afloat. It may be your local Footy Club, a Church, a Charity (CCC’s) or even a School that needs support.
Your work with Local Businesses and the Erth Point System enables CCC’s to create a perpetual income stream which empowers a strong and vibrant community

What organisations can benefit by becoming a CCC?

Saving The Planet.

Collectively we, mankind, are slowly destroying our Planet Earth and it will take a lot of money to restore it. The Erth Point loyalty system enables Planet Earth to benefit every time a customer is rewarded. Potentially a small part of every sale from every business to every customer can now go towards helping to SAVE the PLANET.

How do we help Planet Earth?

Helping Businesses?

Saving the planet will take more than protests and “wanting everything to change”. It takes a lot of money and a lot of effort. It needs a sustainable long term economic and viable system.
Businesses currently send hundreds of billions to digital marketing companies for “CLICKS” in the hope they turn into sales. The Erth Point PAY-per-SALE loyalty marketing system means some of that money can now be spent to help SAVE the PLANET!

This is the first economically viable worldwide movement to help SAVE the PLANET, and we hope you want to join the ranks as an Erth Ambassador to make a difference.

Bringing It All Together.

Contribution – one of the 6 Human Needs. Helping Businesses, Charities, Churches, Clubs and Customers while SAVING the PLANET – we have that covered.

A lot of organisations want to save the World. They have great intentions, but they lack the most important element an economically viable system, needed to fund the billions needed to make a difference. Good intentions are not enough.

The Erth Points System is the holy grail; enabling a small part of every sale made from every business to be put toward saving the planet. Intentions are wonderful, but to make a difference we need money and lots of it, and although every person and every business wants to fix our environmental problems, no person, no business, no organisation and not even any government wants to pay for it. Erth Points will.

The Erth Points System gives Businesses an economic reason to put money towards SAVING the PLANET. Businesses not only help save the Planet and support CCC’s, but they only do so when they have made a sale, making it economically viable to pay for the repair of the environmental damage being done to the Planet.

Customers earn what is arguably the world’s best global loyalty reward points, that can not only go down but also go up in value.

Erth Ambassadors get to earn an ongoing passive income while helping Businesses, CCC’s, Customers and they help SAVE the PLANET.