All Parties Benefit From Erth Points, Including Planet Earth

Erth Ambassadors

The helpers – the pioneers that want to SAVE the PLANET, help all parties and get rewarded for doing so

Erth Ambassadors are people that want to help SAVE the PLANET, help Charities, Churches and Clubs, help Businesses, help Customers, and feel good about helping everyone while getting rewarded themselves. They are the HELPERS of this world.

Some Ambassadors focus on ECOs and getting their Supporters involved and getting rewarded from the ECO or Customer side of the transaction.

Other Ambassadors focus on helping Businesses to get more sales and save on marketing and get rewarded from the Business side of the transaction. Some Ambassadors do both, and get rewarded from both sides. The Erth Point System rewards all methods.

It is important to note that as in all marketing it is only the Business that operates on a PAY-per-SALE system. Although we say from the ECO or Customer side of the transaction, everything is paid from the Businesses contribution. The ECO is paid and the Customer is gifted Erth Pionts from the Business. However, we want to reward our Ambassadors for getting more ECOs and Supporters into the system. So we need to track and explain it in that way.

Erth Ambassadors get rewarded when one of the Supporters from within their network purchases something from any Business in the Erth Point System and/or when one of the Businesses from within their network sells something to any Supporter within the Erth Point System.

The Erth Ambassadors earn a residual income which is capped at AUD$20,000 per week and all funds earned above this go to SAVE the PLANET.


Charities, Churches, Clubs & other Not-for-Profits

ECOs monetise their loyalty and create passive income as their Supporters shop at Businesses to earn Erth Points.

ECOs have raised funding in many ways because all of their good deeds need to be paid for. Charities may need to pay for habitat to save endangered species, or even pay for armed guards in the instance of Rhinos. Churches need to pay the Pastor and even for the upkeep of the Church. Clubs need to pay for their premises, their staff and even their fields. To do good in the world costs money, and now using Erth Points Loyalty, this can be monetised.

We will not approve any Organisation that is involved in illegal activity such as drugs, slavery, money laundering, terrorism, destruction of property, destruction of businesses or anything else questionable. We do not even allow political parties or funding to occur. Once ECOs have been approved as beneficiaries, they can then be rewarded every time one of their Supporters spends money at any participating business worldwide. We are hopeful from our initial research that this will be in excess of $2 per Supporter per week. If a CCC has 10,000 Supporters, that would be more than $ 1 million per year.

Monetising Supporter loyalty has never been easier, and more measurable. If an Erth Ambassador is passionate about helping their favourite ECO or SAVING the PLANET, or even earning a great income from helping, the Erth Point System provides the opportunity.



Businesses can make more sales and save on marketing by attracting ECO Supporters so they can earn Erth Points.

Worldwide, Businesses spend hundreds of Billions on attracting Customers – this is known as marketing. A few Businesses make donations and some even give a percentage of their profits to good causes which is great, but in order to get all Businesses to help SAVE the PLANET. We need an economic benefit so that they all want to be part of the system. That way they benefit, rather than trying to force or guilt or embarrass them into doing the right thing.

Erth Points combines an economic benefit with the ”do good” of saving the Planet and supporting ECOs. This makes it easy to justify, as there are economic benefits to the Business, and therefore making it completely justifiable to a board and to shareholders. Businesses get to tick the “supporting the environment” or “green” box as well as “supporting the community” box while they receive the benefit of attracting Customers. The importance of this should not be underestimated as it is this economic benefit that underpins the entire system. Without that benefit we would be just another environmental organisation chasing donations. We are not. We are a combination of a marketing business and an environmental foundation that looks like a loyalty reward system.

Other Businesses seem to do ok from this, Google is a search business that gets its revenue from marketing. Facebook is a Social Media platform that gets its revenue from marketing. Those two businesses are worth US$3,000 Billion or $3Trillion, they have massive revenues. The other difference these Businesses have compared to Erth Points is that they do not have a loyalty system. In fact, they earn nothing if the Customer keeps coming back, their model of PAY-per-CLICK is based on getting new customers, as returning customers don’t need to CLICK.

It is important to give Businesses the economic benefit of receiving a customer. Especially when they only PAY-per-SALE and can actually save money on marketing. Most businesses spend 5% of revenue on marketing and only guess as to how many customers they will get. With the Erth Point System, there is no guesswork. If Businesses are happy to pay 5% of a sale to attract a customer, they should be over the moon about also supporting ECOs and saving the Planet and getting a loyalty system all thrown in for free. This is about economic benefit as much as SAVING the PLANET.

Now Businesses have a choice. Their marketing budget can benefit a few wealthy shareholders, or that money can help SAVE the PLANET – an easy choice.


Shop – Earn – SAVE the PLANET

Earn Erth Points from any participating business worldwide. They own the points that increase/decrease in value. They support their favourite ECO and they help save the Planet – Erth Point by Erth Point.

To earn loyalty points customers make unusual purchasing decisions, some Frequent Flyers (FF) will pay an extra $100 for a flight to earn extra FF points, yet those points may be only worth $0.28 (nobody knows what they are worth).

  • 2/3 of customers in a recent KPMG survey admit making a special trip in the last six months to shop at a store in order to earn an award in loyalty program.
  • 3/4 of responders reveal they would give “rave reviews” to at least one of the loyalty programs in which they participate.
  • 60% said they would shop at a store with slightly higher prices in order to earn a loyalty program award.

The interesting part is that Customers don’t really know what most points are worth, with FF points or miles. 10,000 points might get them a 5-hour flight or a toaster. Plus, the only reference customers have about what can happen with their value is that the customer will be disadvantaged if there is an alteration to the program, and it will take more points to get the same award. Meaning the points have been devalued to the loyal customer’s disadvantage. Their points don’t support any ECO nor do they help SAVE the PLANET.

Imagine what Customers will do to earn points that they know the value of – that the points have a market value. Meaning they can also go down in value like normal loyalty or FF points, but they can also increase in value based on the laws of Supply and Demand. Plus Erth Points also benefit the Customer’s favourite Cause or ECO and they can help SAVE the PLANET. The Customer owns the points. They don’t have to check with the Business that gifted them and see how many points they have. The gifting Business has nothing to do with their Erth Points once they are gifted. With old-style loyalty or FF points, if the gifting business closed, then the customer lost all their points and all their benefits. With Erth Points, the Customer still owns the points. They do not lose any Erth Points. They can collect them at other participating businesses, and they use them at any Business that accepts Erth Points as payment.

If a Customer will pay more money and make a special trip to earn old-style loyalty awards, imagine what they might do to earn Erth Points that they own, they can increase in value, benefit their favourite ECO and they help SAVE the PLANET.

You can read the KPMG report here.

Planet Earth

Can now benefit from every sale from every Business

The Erth Point System means that Planet Earth can now earn an income from potentially every sale from every Customer that purchases from any participating Business in the World – How much GOOD can we do?

There are many organisations that want to help SAVE the PLANET. Some are large, some are small. What they all seem to lack is enough money! Most rely on wealthy benefactors and/or a donation model. Although the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd is happy to receive donations, it gains its funding from providing economically valuable services to Businesses and marketing services and it funds organisations that are making the largest impacts.

The Rewards4Earth Foundation POLECER mandate is designed to help repair the damage Business and Humankind are doing to the Planet. We are not experts at producing green hydrogen for clean energy, but we will fund Businesses that are – such as Platinum Tree Hydrogen. We are not experts at saving orangutans, but we give money to The Orangutan Project. We are not experts at planting trees, but we fund Lord Of The Trees, who want to plant a trillion trees. We are not the experts; we just fund them.

The two largest “marketing companies” in the world are Google and Facebook. Alphabet, Google’s parent company made US$106.9Billion from revenue of US$196Billion while Facebook made US$76Billion from revenue of US$94Billion. That is 54% and 80% profit margins, respectively. It seems as if marketing is quite profitable. That’s over US$182Billion or more than US$3,500,000,000 every week that currently benefits a few wealthy shareholders. That might have gone to the Businesses Customers for Erth Loyalty Rewards, to benefit the Customer’s favourite ECO and help SAVE the PLANET.

A total of US$294Billion was spent on marketing with just two businesses to attract new customers. Businesses are influenced by Customers. They now have a choice as to where their marketing money goes – to benefit a few shareholders, or a loyalty marketing system that incentivises Customers to come back, supports Charities, Churches and Clubs, and helps SAVE the PLANET. Where would you prefer your marketing money went?

Source: about Facebook, about Alphabet