Loyalty Reward Points That:

Attract And Benefit Customers

Support Local Community

Help Save The Planet

Erth Points Benefit Customers


Earned at any participating Business in the World


Are not lost if the gifting Business goes broke


Are held on the customer’s smartphone


Cannot be devalued by the Business that gifted them to the Customer


Are owned by the Customer


Can be spent at any Business in the World that accepts them


Erth Points have a real market value

Do Customers Know Erth Points Value!

  • One of the concerns of the ACCC (Australian Consumer and Competition Commission) is that consumers do not know what their loyalty points are worth. 50,000 points may get a customer a flight from Sydney to Perth or a toaster or 2-litres of milk. The value has always been unknown and/or inconsistent, but Erth Points are very different.
  • The money for Erth Points comes from the digital marketing ecosystem. If you’re wondering about digital marketing, Businesses spend hundreds of billions of dollars globally every year, with Facebook and Google getting the lions share, about US$300 billion.
  • Unlike old-style loyalty point systems where the value of the points is made up out of thin air by management to maximise the profits of the Business. Erth Points are purchased from an exchange, so the value changes based on the laws of supply and demand. That means that although they can go down in value like normal reward points, they can also increase in value to the Customer’s benefit, that is very unique

How Do Erth Points Work?

Erth Points are purchased on a PAY-per-SALE basis when a Supporter (collector of Erth Points) buys something from a Business where Erth Points can be earned as a loyalty reward. The Business is paying for a Customer, they do not purchase CLICKS however and then hope for a sale, with the Erth Point Marketing system Businesses get the CLICKS for FREE and only pay for sales.
Most of the Supporters come from ECOs – Environmental and/or Community Organisations that want to monetise their loyalty. By getting their Supporters to join the system and rebadging the App to their own, the ECOs earn the same amount of Erth Points as their Supporters when they shop. This provides the ECO with an ongoing passive residual income.

Loyalty Redefined!

Erth Point loyalty is not about loyalty to a Business, but something far more powerful, loyalty to the Supporter’s favourite ECO (think sports fanatics) and to the Planet. In return, they show their loyalty by purchasing from Businesses that offer Erth Points, Businesses that support their ECOs and the Planet. Smart Businesses will soon realise that this is a very smart way to sponsor all teams and all sports, not just one team in one sport.
Businesses want sales, Erth Points give them Supporters (Customers) and the Businesses only pay for the sales, the CLICKS are free, so all parties are happy.

Real-Life Example