Why would a Business choose the Erth ™Point Loyalty Marketing system over established Digital marketing channels?

a) The Business gets a Customer and a sale and only pays if a sale is made.
b) It’s a way to help save the planet that all Businesses and Customers can contribute to.
c) Erth ™ Points are the only patented blockchain solution for loyalty/reward marketing.
d) Built on the principle of mutual incentives and reciprocity; Businesses WIN, Customers WIN, ECOs WIN and the Planet WINS.
e) Provides businesses with a completely unique, purpose-driven, rewards-based marketing system.
f) Utilizes performance-based affiliate marketing principles so businesses only PAY-per-SALE and not PAY-per-CLICK.
g) It enables Businesses to attract ECO Supporters that they would not normally attract.
h) It enables Businesses to attract environmentally and Planet conscious supporters.
i) It is the only digital marketing system that also has a customer loyalty system as most digital marketing platforms only benefit from attracting new customers.
j) Supports local communities, Charities, Churches, Clubs, and local economic growth.
k) It enables businesses to accept Erth ™ Points which is effectively getting back part of the Business’s or another Business’s marketing spend.
l) It enables Businesses to advertise to all Erth ™ Supporters their special offers.
m) It enables Businesses to send their VIP Customers (Opt-in) free push notifications.
n) It enables Businesses to work with ECOs and have the ECO send its Supporters special offers that the Business so that all parties benefit.

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