What is the Debit/Credit System the Business agrees to when joining the Erth ™ Point System?

The Business joins and pays the $200.00 joining fee and gets $50.00 credit for marketing services where Erth ™ Points are automatically gifted as a percentage of each sale. Plus $50.00 worth of Erth ™ Points for cash or non-payment gateway sales. If, as an example, the Business agreed to pay 5% of a sale price for delivering a Customer and sale (marketing). If the purchase price from the Business was $200.00 and they agreed to pay 5% (=$10) for marketing services, then their account would be charged $10.00 from their $50 balance so they would now have a balance of $40.00. If their next transaction was for $100.00, then they would be charged the same 5% – being $5.00 and their account balance would be now $35.00. From that payment, Erth ™ Marketing would use 80% of that amount to purchase Erth ™ Points from the Exchange that are sent to the Customer, their ECO, the Planet and the Ambassador Network. Once the credit amount of the Business gets below $20.00, another $50.00 is paid by Direct Debit from the Business’s bank account so the Business is always able to gift Erth ™ Points and maybe get the tax deduction for using the System. The “AI” built into the System will automatically increase the purchase amount so that the Business only purchases credits once a day or once a week. The Business can choose – based on the value of transactions occurring. This System is used so Businesses are not purchasing $0.10 here and $0.40 there 100 times a day and making the whole thing an accounting nightmare. It also saves the Business fees on transaction costs and accounting as they do not have to account for capital gains or losses when the Erth ™ Points increase or decrease in value over the financial year.

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