What is an Erth ™ Point?

a) A digital Reward Point that is owned by the Customer and not the Business that gifted the Reward Point.
b) A digital Reward Point that can be traded on Digital Exchanges.
c) A Reward Point that can go down in value like other reward points but can also increase in value, unlike other Reward Points.
d) A Reward Point like flybuys.
e) A Reward Point like Frequent Flyers.
f) An electronic Reward Point that can be collected from many different Businesses worldwide, can be spent with any Business that accepts them and is traded on Exchanges where a market value is established.
g) A Reward Point that helps SAVE the PLANET.
h) A Customer attraction system for Businesses.
i) A Customer retention system for Businesses.
j) A combined Customer attraction and retention Marketing system for Businesses.
k) A Reward Point that enables ECOs to monetise their loyalty and earn a passive income from their Supporters everyday spending.
l) Arguably the worlds best Loyalty Reward Marketing Point.

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