What happens if the Erth ™ Point price goes up in value? Does the Business pay more?

No, using our standard system, if the transaction is $50.00 and the Business sends 4% equal to $2.00 to Erth ™ Marketing, then 80% of that money equal to $1.60 is used to purchase Erth ™ Points at market price. The only thing that changes is the number of points gifted to the Customers and other parties. They may have got 1.0020 Erth ™ Points or 0.0205 or 3.0455 Erth ™ Points – depending on the value of Erth ™ Points at the time of the transaction. Either way, it is still the same value ($1.60) worth of Erth ™ Points that are gifted in return for the purchase. The Customer will have benefited if the Erth ™ Points gifted to them have increased in value over time rather than the Business.

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