What are the legal reasons an Erth ™ Ambassador is prohibited from discussing Erth ™ Points as an investment to anyone?

The Ambassador will never refer to an Erth ™ Point as an investment, a Share, a Security, or any type of speculative opportunity or Investment and we do not want them to be confused with these things. Erth ™ Points are a Loyalty Reward Point and not an Investment. Any Ambassador that refers to the Erth ™ Point as an investment will lose their status as an Erth ™ Ambassador, and all residual income and Erth ™ Point income from the Erth ™ Point Ambassador Program. Rewards4Earth ™ also reserves the right to take legal action against the Ambassador to recover any income or Erth ™Points paid to the Ambassador as well as to recover any damages incurred as a consequence of the Ambassador referring to the Erth ™Points as an Investment or Speculative opportunity in any way. Please be aware this is not us doing this to be difficult. Giving financial or investment advice without a Financial Advisors or AFSL License is a criminal offence in Australia and most other countries, and ASIC can criminally prosecute you for recommending Investments in any shape or form.

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