Should I as an Erth ™ Ambassador discuss the value of the Erth ™ Points with a potential Business that wants to join?

Yes, discussing how the value of the Erth ™ Points is determined by supply and demand and will constantly fluctuate is essential as they need to know it is not a fixed price item. If, however you recommend it as an investment in that it will/should increase in value, that is very different and that could be seen as giving them financial advice and is not allowed. The price is irrelevant to them as a marketing service, as they are buying marketing services and a credit of Erth ™ Points valued at the time of the gifting of the Erth ™ Points to a Supporter. In most cases they will have purchased a credit for Marketing Services – perhaps $100 – and not actual Erth ™ Points, which are gifted as a percentage of the Supporters purchase price. As an example, if the Business agreed to a 4% PAY-per-SALE fee, the Supporter may receive $5 worth of Erth ™ Points which may be 1.0000 Erth ™ Points one day and because of the change in value of Erth ™ Points, the Supporter may receive 1.2234 Erth ™ Points or 0.8888 Erth ™ Points the next day. Regardless, it is still $5 worth o Erth ™ Points. The easiest way to think of it is like giving away a USD$1 as that may be worth AUD$1.00 one day and AUD$0.72 the next day – it is still USD$1 however. The prevailing market price of Erth ™ Points is irrelevant and only the quantity of Erth ™ Points gifted will differ. They will also be pleased to know that they will not have to worry about capital gains and losses on the Erth ™ Points for their tax, and that it is a marketing expense and therefore may be tax deductible. If, however they want to purchase Erth ™ Points for non-credit/debit card payments, such as Cash or Electronic Transfer Payments, they will have to purchase Erth ™ Points through our Exchange and they will fluctuate in value. If the Business owner thinks Erth ™ Points will decrease in value, they may want to purchase the minimum $20 worth. If, however, they think the price of Erth ™ Points will increase in value, they may want to buy enough for a week, month, or even a year’s worth, that is their decision and they would make similar purchasing decisions on any items they want to sell, it is the Business’s decision and we do not offer advice.

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