How much does a Business have to buy in Erth ™ Points?

In most cases using our standard System, the Business does not purchase Erth ™ Points. When an Erth ™ Supporter uses their card at a participating Retailer or Service Provider, it triggers the Business to pay for marketing services. From the amount paid, 80% of that is used by Erth ™ Marketing (the Company) to purchase Erth ™ Points from the Exchange at market price. The points are then gifted to their Customer, the Customers CCC, the Rewards4Earth™ Foundation and the Erth ™Ambassador Network. The Business pays via the debit/credit System for marketing and not for Erth ™ Points.
A Business can however buy Erth ™ Points if they want to use them in the BIZ App which also operates as an Erth ™ Point payment or redemption service. By doing this, a Business is collecting Erth ™ Points paid for from other Business’s marketing budgets.

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