How does Rewards4Earth ™ release their Erth ™ Points into the Erth ™ Point System?

Rewards4Earth ™ places tranches of Erth ™ Points on Exchanges at continually increasing prices known as “Sell Orders”. Once the tranche of perhaps 10,000 Erth ™ Points has been sold at say $10, the next tranche will come on at $20. This will not be below the previous selling price, thereby enabling supply of Erth ™ Points only when demand requires them. If the price of Erth ™ Points falls, then Rewards4Earth ™ will not sell any Erth ™ Points until the price comes up to the price of the previously unsold Erth ™ Points nominated on the “Sell Orders”. Rewards4Earth ™ will also be making donations of either Erth ™Points and/or profits to the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation to ensure that the majority of profits made goes to help save the Planet rather than to a few wealthy shareholders.

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