How does an Erth ™ Ambassador get paid?

When an Erth ™ Point Supporter shops at a participating retailer, and either the Business or the Supporter is in the Ambassadors direct 6-level network, the Erth ™ Ambassador gets rewarded with a percentage of the sale price in Erth ™ Points (based on the sale amount of the customer to that business). An Erth ™ Ambassador gets paid based on Supporters and/or Businesses in their network (up to six levels deep) in Erth ™ Points. The Erth ™ Ambassador can also earn Erth ™ Points if one of the Ambassadors in their network purchases training programs or other products through the System. The Erth ™ Ambassador receives a fee paid in Erth ™ Points for every Business they join into the Rewards4Earth ™ System.

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