How does a Business benefit from joining the Erth ™ Point Program?

a) The Business can attract and make sales to ECO Supporters that they would not normally make.
b) The Business can attract and make sales to Erth ™ Point and Environmental Supporters that they would not normally make.
c) The Business can save on marketing as they only PAY-per-SALE rather than per-CLICK.
d) The Business can make more sales, get more loyal Customers, help save the Planet by supporting both local, national, and international ECOs.
e) The Business can advertise specials through the App to attract Supporters and only pay if they make a sale.
f) The Business can get some of their Customers into their Erth ™ Point VIP Customer System and send them special offers and only pay if the VIP buys something.
g) The Business can use the Erth ™ Point System like a traditional loyalty program to get Customers to purchase from them again and again.
h) The Business can work with ECOs to offer their Supporters special offers sent out by the ECO rather than the Business so the ECO, the Business and the ECO’s Supporter all benefit.
i) The Business can advertise that they are supporting the Planet and the ECOs with other advertising or marketing mediums to attract other Customers.
j) The Business can offer special incentives for Supporters to spend Erth ™ Points that were collected at other Businesses and gain extra sales they would not have had and then sell those Erth ™ Points in Exchange for local currency.
k) The Business can use their Erth ™ Points to purchase from other Businesses.

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