How are Erth ™Points Loyalty Rewards different to most other reward programs?

a) Erth ™Reward Points are traded on Exchanges, so you know their value.
b) The Customer owns the Erth ™Points (not the Company that gifts them).
c) Erth ™Reward Points do not realistically expire; they expire in the year 9,999AD.
d) Your favourite ECO is also rewarded every time you shop at a participating retailer or service provider with Erth ™Points which provids them with residual income from Supporters.
e) Erth ™Points act as a Marketing System to attract as well as retain Customers.
f) Erth ™Reward Points can go up and down in value depending on supply and demand.
g) You can receive Erth ™Points from any participating Business worldwide.
h) You can spend your Erth ™Points at any Business that accepts them – worldwide.
i) When you receive Erth ™Points you also help to save the planet as the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation also receives Erth ™Points.
j) You can gift Erth ™ Points to your friends and family, without conditions other than AML (Anti-Money Laundering).
k) The gifting Business cannot devalue Erth ™ Points at your expense.
l) If the gifting Business goes broke, you do not lose your Erth ™ Points.
m) You can use the Erth ™ Point Concierge Service (coming soon) to purchase goods and services from participating Businesses that do not yet accept Erth ™ Points.
n) The Erth ™ Ambassador network is designed for the Ambassador to benefit from the shopping of Supporters and to bring in new Supporters, ECOs and Businesses.
o) You can earn other Loyalty Points at the same time. As an example, you could spend money at Coles and earn their flybuys points. If you registered a Qantas Frequent Flyer MasterCard or Visa Card with the Erth ™ Point App, you could also earn Qantas FF Points and you could earn Erth ™ Points all on the same transaction – TRIPLE the POINTS.
p) Erth ™ Points are used under Patent from the Parent Company.
q) Erth ™ Points enable Businesses to use not only their own Customer loyalty, but a Supporters loyalty to their ECO or their loyalty to saving the Planet.

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