For what reasons might a Business want to buy Erth ™ Points rather than simply buying the pre-paid Marketing Services where Erth ™ Points are automatically gifted when the payment is made on the Payment Gateway via credit/debit cards?

a) The Business does a lot of cash transactions.
b) The Business does a lot of Business-to-Business transactions and would like its products to be seen to be saving the Planet and thereby gifting Erth ™ Points to their Retail Distributors. The Business believes that will assist them to make more sales as the Retailers give those Erth ™ Points to their Customers.
c) The Business collects a lot of payments via Electronic Banking via Account and BSB.
d) The Business sells to Retailers and not directly to the public such as Coca-Cola, but would also like to be able to contact their Customers directly via the App to encourage recycling and to offer the Customers as VIP Customers of Coca-Cola.
e) The Business specialises in trading, buying low and selling high, and would like to do that with Erth ™ Points and it is not something you as an Erth ™ Ambassador has recommended or advised.
f) The Business would like to buy a year’s supply of Erth ™ Points as they believe they could increase in value, and it will save them money from purchasing the Erth ™ Points at a later date at a higher price.

Tags: Business, Erth Point Marketing System