Can an Erth ™ Supporter pay using their Erth ™ Points at participating Businesses?

Supporters can earn Erth ™ Points at Businesses but not all those Businesses accept Erth ™ Points as a payment System. Some businesses pay through external Affiliate Marketing Programs. They only agree to pay us on a PAY-per-SALE basis and not accept Erth ™ Points as a payment. This provides an opportunity for the Erth ™ Ambassador to sign these Businesses up to the System and earn from all complying transactions. We will have lists of Businesses that are signed up directly to the System. A Business not on this list may still be gifting Points but misses out on other benefits such as our VIP Customer Service allowing them to market to those Customers. Erth ™ Ambassadors should be looking to sign as many Businesses into the System as possible if they are not on the list. Please be aware that just because a Business is in our directory for gifting Points, they may not be on the list of Businesses signed directly to Erth ™ Marketing. Customers can use the Concierge Service which will be available to purchase goods and services from any participating Business worldwide.

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