Can an Erth ™ Ambassador discuss speculating on Erth ™ Points to anyone?

Yes, the Ambassador can speak about Speculators that may trade on Exchanges as a matter of full disclosure. The Erth ™ Ambassador however cannot recommend, advise, influence, or cause anyone to speculate on Erth ™ Points. If a Business owner wishes to purchase Erth ™ Points, they can do so via their Erth ™ Point BIZ App. The Erth ™ Ambassador is not licensed to provide any financial advice and therefore cannot influence speculation to any person. Business owners can purchase enough Erth ™ Points to last them an hour, a day or for any time-period they like – it is their decision. A Business is a Speculator by nature. They buy goods and/or services at a low price and sell them at a higher price – that is how they make money. If a Business decides to do that with Erth ™ Points, that is their prerogative. However, it cannot be from the influence or instigation of an Erth ™ Ambassador. Although Businesses are not covered by financial services law, the Business owner is a “person” and even though we only allow entities with an ABN to purchase Erth ™ Points, an Erth ™ Ambassador does not want to be a test case regarding these laws.

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