Why does the Erth ™ Point system work extremely well for all parties?

a) Businesses only pay for performance (Sales), using our PAY-per-SALE System instead of the PAY-per-CLICK System from other Online Marketing Programs which may or may not result in the Business making sales. b) Supporters support their ECO by shopping at participating Businesses as the ECOearns the same amount of Erth ™ Points as the Supporter. c) …

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How does a Supporter, Business or ECO manage their Erth ™ Points?

They manage their Erth ™ Points via the App. They can save them or use them as they desire. They can check the value via one of the Exchanges. The only thing they cannot do is recommend someone buys them as an investment, as that would be giving financial advice without a license.

Why are Supporters an asset to ECOs using the Erth ™ Point System?

Erth ™ Points make it possible for ECOs to monetise the loyalty and patronage of their Supporters and Members. By introducing ECO Supporters to Businesses on a PAY-per-SALE basis, ECOs can use their pre-existing loyalty to create a new revenue source. Making their Supporters a powerful monetisable asset.

What are ECOs?

ECO – Environmental and/or Community Organisations that earn Erth ™ Points when one of their Supporters shops at a participating Business where Erth ™ Points can be earned.