Who are the Supporters:

A Supporter is someone that collects Erth Points to support their favourite Charity, Church, Club (CCC) and/or to save the Planet and/or for their own use. The Supporter can nominate their favourite CCC from the list of approved beneficiaries or encourage their favourite CCC to become a Beneficiary.

The Supporter owns their Erth Points, not the Business that gifted them. The Supporter understands that their Erth Points can decrease in value like old-style loyalty points, but they can also increase in value unlike old-style loyalty points to their own benefit.

The Supporter can become an Erth Ambassador to gain benefits from the transactions of any Supporter, Business, CCC or Erth Ambassador that joins their prescribed network by paying the fees and completing the mandatory courses.

A Supporter knows that they are earning Erth Loyalty Reward Points for themselves, their nominated CCC, and to save the Planet by purchasing from Businesses that want to support those causes. The Supporter understands that the Erth Points are paid for by the Business for marketing services to Erth Marketing Pty Ltd, rather than paying marketing to Businesses that do not Support CCC’s or help save the Planet.

An Erth Ambassadors role in onboarding supporters

Supporters are the backbone of the Erth Point System. The more Supporters collecting Erth Points, the more Business will want to be part of the system and the more money goes to CCC’s and to save the Planet. The more Supporters that are in an Erth Ambassadors specified network, the higher their earnings should be, so it is in the Erth Ambassadors best interest to onboard Supporters into their network.

The best way for an Erth Ambassador to grow their network may be the traditional way – talk to friends, family and associates, and have them talk to their friends, family and associates. It has grown massive networks in the past.

Because of the unique manner in which Erth Points benefits the Planet and CCC’s, an alternative manner may be to work with a CCC. If we look at a local CCC like a child’s football club, they may have 100 players. Which means at least 200 parents. If you assist the club in getting those parents to start collecting Erth Points as Supporters, that could mean the club could potentially earn $3 per Supporter or $600 per week, or $31,200 PA. That is a lot of coffees or cakes to sell each week, whereas the Erth Point income comes in passively. If 10 of those 200 Supporters became Erth Ambassadors and each got in 100 Supporters – giving you 2,200 in your network. So you earn income every time they shop at a participating business.

If 10% of those 2,200 supporters became Erth Ambassadors, that would be 220 Erth Ambassadors, and if each of those went to a CCC and got in 100 members, that would be 22,000 Supporters in your network helping to save the Planet and increase your income from their shopping. If we get large CCC’s like AFL or NRL teams to become Ambassadors, they could have over 1Million supporters each. Imagine what that would do to help SAVE the PLANET and your income.

Please remember that we cap Erth Ambassadors income at $20,000 worth of Erth Points per week with any balance going to SAVE the PLANET.

How and why the Erth Point System works?

We all spend money to live. Businesses spend hundreds of Billions on digital marketing to influence where everyone spends their money. Billions more are spent on traditional marketing such as TV, radio, newspapers, billboards as well as loyalty systems and other ways to influence us to spend money. The Erth Point System can work brilliantly with traditional marketing, as they become Erth Ambassadors and earn from the Erth Point System as well as their own mediums.

Digital marketing money is focused on getting everyone to go to particular Businesses, the big marketing companies profited regardless of which Business everyone went to by way of clicks, even though Businesses really wanted sales and not clicks.

Erth Points changes that focus. It sends Customers to Businesses that support CCC’s and want to save the Planet. Now, instead of the profits (from marketing) going to just a few shareholders, now the proceeds go to encourage customers to return to the Business, to support CCC’s and to help save the Planet.

The system uses advanced technology to make all of this happen seamlessly, here is a non-technical explanation:

  • The Supporter downloads the Erth Point App – unique codes track relationships for Erth Ambassadors.
  • The Supporter uploads their Credit/Debit Card which is tokenised and encrypted for security.
  • The Supporter selects the CCC they want to support.
  • The Supporter searches for and is directed to Businesses that gift Erth Points.
  • The Supporter uses the App to pay for their goods/services at the participating Business.
  • The Business purchases Erth Points from exchanges to gift to:
    1. The Supporter,
    2. The Supporter’s nominated CCC,
    3. The Planet via the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd,
    4. The Erth Ambassador network.
  • The CCC’s and the Rewards4Earth Foundation then sell them back to Businesses via the exchange.

Businesses are paying for marketing services (Erth Points) to deliver Customers on a PAY-per-SALE basis, so it costs them nothing if the customer does not purchase. This is an economically viable solution coming from the digital marketing industry where revenues are measured in the hundreds of Billions every year, with a large share of the revenue going to help save the PLANET instead of to just a few wealthy shareholders.