How it works?

Erth Points attract Customers & help incentivise them to buy again. Erth Points benefit Customer’s favourite ECOs & help SAVE the PLANET!

When you register a ECO, you help that ECO register their Supporters and assist in engaging Businesses that would like to get new sales. As an Erth Ambassador, you can earn money from both the Business and the Customer’s side of the transaction – from the money, the Businesses pay for our marketing services, and from a Customer using our PAY-per-SALE rather than PAY-per-CLICK system.

As an Erth Ambassador, you are connecting ECOs, Supporters and Businesses – bringing all parties together. Everyone loves a great deal. As an Erth Ambassador, you are enabling a WIN-WIN outcome. In fact, it’s much more. It’s a win for the Customer, a win for Business, a WIN for the ECO, and we all help SAVE the PLANET when we shop at any Business in the world where you can earn Erth Points.

It's time to rethink Marketing & Loyalty Programs.

We are in a time of unprecedented change, Marketing and Loyalty is about to change forever. Businesses need to show they are fulfilling their social and environmental responsibilities and the Erth Point System enables them to do that by attracting Customers on a PAY-per-SALE basis.