The biggest asset of any Charity, Church or Clubs is their Supporter’s Loyalty, which before the Erth Point System was difficult to value and even harder to monetise.

Loyalty Is Now Easy To Monetise!


A large percentage of the 58,000+ CCC’s registered in Australia need extra funding. An Erth Ambassador can help solve their funding issues.

What a CCC wants to know about the Erth Point System:

  • How the Erth Point System can provide the CCC with a residual income stream?
  • How the Erth Point system can help Supporters Businesses?
  • How Supporter Businesses can attract Supporters of the CCC as Customers?
  • How a CCC can benefit from being an Erth Ambassador?
  • How all CCC’s can benefit each other by being part of Erth Points?
  • How CCC’s can get its Supporters to benefit from being part of the system?


Marketing and advertising have one of the highest revenues in the World. Businesses spend hundreds of billions on marketing, trying to make sales, now we can harness some marketing money to help CCC’s and Help Save the Planet through the Erth Point System.

Marketing is Businesses trying to attract Customers.
  • Businesses spend a fortune on marketing.
  • CCC’s already have all the Customers (Supporters).
  • Businesses would rather pay for a sale than a click or ad.
  • Erth Points enables Businesses to pay only for sales, clicks are free.
  • CCC’s get rewarded when their Supporters purchase from Businesses.
Businesses don’t want marketing, they want more sales.

We have all heard of Doctors Without Borders, Erth Ambassadors can operate anywhere, there are no boundaries to this opportunity. A Business or CCC may be helped in person or remotely using technology to stay in contact and assist.

Your ability to attract Erth Ambassadors to your network is also boundary less. An Erth Ambassador can be located anywhere in the World. Your role is to support and help them to help Businesses, CCC’s and Supporters. The more they earn the more you earn.

Never before has there been an opportunity to be rewarded for helping CCC’s, Businesses, Customers and to help SAVE the PLANET.

Want to know more about becoming an Erth Ambassador?