Monetising a ECO’s Loyalty is now EASY?

Using the
Erth System any ECO can now earn every time one of their Supporters purchases something from any business in the world where they earn
Erth Points!

It’s free for ECOs to join, with only a simple authorization process, once your ECO has joined and Supporters have nominated it, the ECO earns every time the supporter earns.

How Much? From every $333.33 worth of spending the customer and the ECO each earns $2.00 worth of
Erth Points. With 1,000 Supporters that is $2,000 pw to the ECO, plus the
Erth Ambassador earns a small part from every purchase from within their network.


Any approved Charity, Church, Club or Not-for-Profit (CCC) can now benefit from the innovative Erth Point System to earn residual income from its Supporter’s everyday shopping –

  • The Erth Point System can provide CCCs with a residual income
    The Erth Point system can help Supporters businesses with Customers from CCCs
  • The CCC Supporters can Erth Points and receive special offers from Businesses
    Businesses and CCCs contribute towards fulfilling their ESG obligations
    Works alongside any donation or other revenue models CCCs may have
  • Benefits CCC’s reputationally by showing they support the environment and the community
  • Erth Ambassadors also earn residual income and can donate that to CCCs if they desire as CCCs cannot be Ambassadors.


Businesses spend trillions on marketing/advertising worldwide trying to make sales. The Erth System now enables Ambassadors to help CCCs and the Planet to monetise their loyalty to get a fairer share of marketing/advertising revenue.

  • Marketing/Advertising is how Businesses try to attract and retain Customers.
  • CCCs already have all the Customers (Supporters) and the Erth system delivers those Customers.
  • Businesses are happy to pay for a sale rather than plan to hopefully make a sale.
  • Erth Points enables Businesses to pay only for sales and for Ambassadors to earn from sales.
  • CCCs share in the revenue when their Supporters purchase from Businesses.
  • In the same way, nobody wants a drill, they want the hole the drill makes, Businesses don’t want marketing/advertising, they want sales and that is what Erth delivers.
Erth  Ambassadors can operate in any country Erth operates, there are no boundaries to this opportunity. Ambassadors can sign a business and earn every time that business gifts Erth Points, and/or sign customers through CCC’s and or businesses using their QR code so they earn every time the customer earns Erth Points. Your ability to attract  Erth  Ambassadors to your network is also boundary less. Your role is to support and help Ambassadors, Businesses, CCC’s and Supporters. The more they earn the more you earn. The Ambassador that enlists the business, CCC or Customer keeps them in their network. The only restriction for Ambassadors is based on their weekly income which is capped at $20,000 per week and all amounts over this will go to helping to save the planet. Never before has there been an opportunity to be rewarded for helping CCC’s, Businesses, Customers and to help SAVE the PLANET.

Want to know more about becoming an Erth Ambassador?