The biggest asset of any Charity, Church or Clubs is their Supporter’s Loyalty, which before the Erth ™ Point System was difficult to value and even harder to monetise.

Loyalty Is Now Easy To Monetise!


A large percentage of the 58,000+ CCC’s registered in Australia needs extra funding. An Erth ™ Ambassador is the person they have been looking for to help solve their funding issues.

What a CCC might want to discuss:

  • How the Erth ™ Point System can provide a residual income stream
  • How the CCC can help Businesses by using Erth ™ Points
  • How Businesses can attract Supporters of the CCC as Customers
  • How a CCC can benefit from being an Erth ™ Ambassador
  • How all CCC’s can benefit each other by being part of Erth ™ Points
  • How the CCC can get their Supporters to be part of the system


CCC’s provide Businesses with Customers, if more Customers use the system, more sales can be made. The more sales, the more a CCC and an Erth ™ Ambassador can earn.

Ambassadors can help CCC’s to:

  • Get more Supporters to use the Erth ™ App
  • Get the CCC to be an Erth ™ Point Business
  • Get more Businesses to be part of the system so the CCC can earn more
  • Showing the CCC how they can work with Businesses for mutual benefit
  • Assist in getting CCC Supporters to become Erth ™ Ambassadors
  • Get other CCC’s into the system so more Businesses use the system so all CCC’s benefit

Erth ™ Ambassadors may help any CCC anywhere. There are no boundaries to this opportunity. A CCC may be helped in person or remotely using technology to stay in contact and assist CCC’s.

Your ability to attract other Erth ™ Ambassadors to your team is once again boundaryless. An Erth ™ Ambassador you help could be located anywhere in the world. Your role is to support and help them to help Businesses, CCC’s and Supporters. The more they earn the more you earn.

Never before has there been an opportunity to be rewarded for doing good work, support CCC’s, helping Businesses while giving Customers a better deal. Give your time and be rewarded while we all SAVE the PLANET.

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