Both the community you live in and the Planet need your assistance.

Many local Community Clubs, Churches and Charities are suffering financially – they are in many cases struggling to keep their doors open. Rewards4Earth ™ help empower these local community CCC’s through creating a perpetual income stream that supplements their fundraising endeavours. This allows these Community organisations to continue doing their good work. Similarly, the work of an Erth ™ Ambassador helps to save the Planet through the Rewards4Earth ™ Foundation support. Go to www.rewards4earth.org to read more on the Foundations work. Becoming an Erth ™ Ambassador is joining the new “Green Collar” workforce. An Erth ™ Ambassador may earn income while doing good service, a new vocation now available to you.


Empowering the local community and saving the planet with everyday shopping.


Imagine every business paying a small amount of every transaction by customers shopping going to supporting the local community and saving the Planet.


  • Vocation connected to passion.
  • Individual empowerment to create change.
  • Belonging to your community.
  • Rewarding contributions.
  • Connection to common causes.

Want to know more about becoming an Erth ™ Ambassador?

 Contact us directly and we will be in touch to answer any of your questions.