Both the community you live in and the Planet need your assistance.

Many local ECO – Environmental and/or Community Organisations are suffering financially – they are in many cases struggling to keep their doors open.

Rewards4Earth help empower these local community ECOs by creating a perpetual income stream that supplements their fundraising endeavours. This allows these Community organisations to continue doing their good work.

Similarly, the work of an Erth Ambassador helps to save the Planet through the Rewards4Earth Foundation support. Go to www.rewards4earth.org to read more about the Foundation’s work.

Becoming an Erth Ambassador is joining the new “Green Collar” workforce. An Erth Ambassador may earn income while doing good service, a new vocation now available to you.


Empowering the local community and saving the planet with everyday shopping.


Imagine every business paying a small amount of every transaction by customers shopping going to supporting the local community and saving the Planet.


  • Vocation connected to passion.
  • Individual empowerment to create change.
  • Belonging to your community.
  • Rewarding contributions.
  • Connection to common causes.

Want to know more about becoming an Erth Ambassador?