Help businesses

to make more sales and

Save the Planet


connect to your local community,

shop and earn.

Every step you take

makes a perpetual difference.

An Erth ™ Ambassadors role is to empower the local community and assist in saving the Planet, in doing good service you are rewarded. Becoming an Erth ™ Ambassador is your opportunity to make a difference, earning Erth ™ points for yourself, The CCC’s (Clubs, Churches Charities and Schools), Supporters and the Planet.

Why should you join?

Do some good and get rewarded

An Erth ™ Ambassador may be a part-time contribution or full time – it’s up to you – You earn for doing good service.

Belong to a great community of like-minded people

Create great connections all around the world, Erth ™ Ambassadors working together to make a difference.
Your clients are CCC’s, Business and Erth ™ Ambassadors. Each benefit through your actions.

Want to know more about becoming an Erth ™ Ambassador?

 Contact us directly and we will be in touch to answer any of your questions.