Save the Planet

Become an Erth ™ Ambassador

Help Charities, Churches & Clubs. Help Businesses to make SALES.

Support Your Community From Everyone’s Weekly Shopping

Businesses Benefit, Customers Benefit CCC’s And Planet Earth Benefit.

You can now help your favourite Charity, Church & Club and help Businesses get more Customers just by doing your everyday shopping. Australian Businesses currently send $10 billion to digital marketing companies every year. Erth ™ Ambassadors help local communities by redirecting some of those rewards to Customers and CCC’s. Erth ™ Ambassadors earn passive residual income by helping businesses to make more sales and save money while we all help to SAVE the PLANET!

Why Should I Join?

Get rewarded to help SAVE the PLANET

Erth ™ Ambassador’s are rewarded for helping Businesses and only work when they want to.

Like-minded people working together to
SAVE the Planet.

Even a large group of people cannot SAVE the PLANET. However, a large group of people (Erth ™ Ambassadors) providing benefits to Businesses enabling massive amounts of money to go to environmental causes can help SAVE the PLANET.

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